Evidence-based asset management
and asset maintenance solutions.

Increase asset performance

Reduce capital and operating costs

Improve maintenance maturity

Reduce operating risks

Find the cause of the problem

Core Asset Co. helps define the problem and validate the solution – providing a clear path forward with tangible recommendations.

Get facts over opinions

Core Asset Co.’s analytical approach reduces the reliance
on opinions – providing validated solutions that reduce risk.

Achieve value in execution

Core Asset Co. implements solutions on-site with your team – updating systems and processes with ongoing guidance and coaching.

Core Asset Co. can deliver a holistic asset management solution from problem identification to implementation on site or focus on specific areas of concern.





Strategic planning

Driving better business performance through better asset performance.

Competing priorities can make holistic asset planning complex. Core Asset Co. uses analytics, best practice and industry knowledge to deliver practical and cohesive plans that support performance over the entire asset lifespan.

Where we help:

  • Whole-of-life asset strategy
  • Fleet replacement planning
  • Capital portfolio optimisation and scenario mapping
  • Maintenance and reliability strategy
  • Shutdown strategy
  • Workforce planning and labour optimisation
  • Asset management plans
  • Cross-functional cost-per-tonne planning

Decision support

Helping you make smarter,
high-impact decisions.

Complex decisions demand accurate data and
buy-in from stakeholders at all levels. Core Asset
Co. shares in-depth, practical and straightforward
recommendations – clearly communicated across
your organisation.

Where we help:

  • Lifecycle performance and cost modelling
  • Asset energy transition modelling
  • Fleet investment analysis
  • Financial impacts and options reviews
  • Asset replacement decisions
  • Scenario evaluation and ‘what if’ analysis
  • Governance and risk assurance assessments
  • Project feasibility

Asset performance

Providing a step change in performance.

Understanding that assets aren’t performing is one
thing – delivering real improvement is another.
Core Asset Co.’s analytical approach and change
management expertise brings safe, rapid and
sustainable change to your operation.

Where we help:

  • Holistic understanding of how asset performance impacts business value
  • Detailed planning to support meaningful actions
  • Integrated change management
  • Capability development – through collaboration, training and mentoring
  • Culture, process and systems integration to ensure results stick


Implementation and
capability support

Unearthing value through
meaningful actions.

Unlocking value from your plans can be the hardest part of performance improvement. Core Asset Co. works with you to deliver measurable results – from light-touch guidance and subject matter expertise to full business transformation.

Where we help:

  • Program and project management
  • Fail-proofing critical change programs
  • Capability upskilling
  • Filling resourcing gaps
  • Systems and process improvements
  • On-site execution support

Operational and
asset readiness

Offering consistent asset performance
from day one to disposal.

Integrating all your systems, processes, personnel and risk management changes into your day-to-day business function ahead of time is essential.  Core Asset Co. ensures that you’re always prepared for what’s ahead.

Where we help:

  • Project and portfolio management
  • Maintenance strategy and tactics development
  • Component spares
  • Technical writing
  • Master data development
  • CMMS uploads (SAP, Pulse, AMT)
  • Software toolset development to reduce manual processing

Due diligence and
investment assurance

Giving unbiased assurance so that
results match promises.

Connecting the decision-to-dirt process reduces uncertainty and risk. Core Asset Co. provides expert assurance for investors, boards and management teams – with transparency at every step, insights into value and a clear path forward.

Where we help:

  • Determining economic viability of asset-related investments
  • Reviewing asset portfolio investments for risks and vulnerabilities
  • Assurance analysis to verify value case accuracy
  • Technical evaluation of equipment specifications and configuration
  • Commissioning quality assurance
  • Project assurance to ensure that progress stays on track




Heavy mobile equipment

  • Haul trucks   |   Hydraulic excavators   |   Electric rope shovels   |   Drills   |   Draglines   |   Front end loaders ancillary (dozers, graders, water trucks and service trucks)  |   Locomotives and rolling stock


Underground assets

  • Loaders   |   Trucks   |   Drills   |   Longwalls   |   Hydraulic roof supports   |   Continuous miners
    Mobile support equipment


Fixed plant assets

  • Processing plants   |   Material movement assets (conveyors, transfer chutes, loadout facilities)   |   Stackers and reclaimers   |   Underground shaft assets      |    Rail track, signals and infrastructure   |   Port loadouts   |   Non-process infrastructure

Core Asset Co. Capability Statement

Deeper insights. Smarter decisions. Meaningful actions.

Our solutions in practice

Excavator fleet performance turnaround

12.5% cost reduction
with new HME fleet strategy

Operational readiness backlog
elimination & SAP master data

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